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August 13th, 2012
07:54 am


status update
labmouse and I are now engaged! We've been LJ friends since 2001. LIVEJOURNAL: IT WORKS

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July 10th, 2012
10:29 pm


[larps] Collecting some "HRSFA-style" LARP materials
I'm referring to LARPs that have basically been played within my circle of HRSFA/post-HRSFA/not-quite-HRSFA friends in my limited experience. This style might not be unique to that org per se, but it still seems neat and worth sharing.

Here's something simple that I'd love: if you've run a LARP before, I'd like to collect the basic-rules, setting and scenario info (the doc that you usually share with every player). Perhaps include the name of the LARP and when it ran, and I'd like to bundle them in a simple place for people to look at and get a general feel for some workings of the LARP.

This isn't the whole story, of course - I'm not (yet) mentioning the individual character sheets, nor the secret rules or plot twists for games that have those. The former could be a tremendous character dump *and* possibly present spoilers for those who might play it in the future; I suspect the latter might not always be easy to document. But I think the info above is simple, and it's a start. (Perhaps curious parties could dig deeper out more.)

So, in conclusion: if you ran a LARP, brag about it and send me that intro sheet. I'll make a PDF with the minimum amount of effort, and see if any of these LARP scholars have interest.

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December 28th, 2005
02:48 pm


THUNDERSNOW: Winners!! Yes!!
The THUNDERSNOW Contest is finished! Are you METAL enough to discover the truth and the victory?

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Thank you for your wonderful submissions! WE SALUTE YOU.

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